A Different Approach…

With the exhaustive coverage of what is easily the most compelling story in sports this year, we searched for a different approach (pun intended) on this story.  Staff writer Dr. Kevin Creagh was able to meet with someone who’s perspective on this story, and life in general, is at the very least different… I sat [...]

One Thing We’re Thankful For…

What are we most thankful for?  It’s hard to pinpoint one thing.  But surely, one item that’s on the list is the following… Virtually every country makes it….from the mega-producing corporations like Anheuser-Busch to a guy named Bruce making it in his bathtub, we live in a world in which beer can be found on [...]

Dirty Blond

Unless you’ve been, well, dead, your ears and eyes have at least heard or seen exactly the performance of which I speak of.  I’ve been appalled all weekend by the slanderous reports degrading the play and character of this fine, young woman.  The “false outrage” surrounding this sickens me.  Can’t we just be honest?  Here, [...]

FALL CLASSIC? Our re-cap might be more entertaining

The stage was set….like many northeast bar fights of the past between two unreasonable and obnoxious fans….Philadelphia vs. New York…..Phillies vs. Yankees.  The wet dream for FOX had materialized. Would the matchup live up to its billing?  I give you a big, giant, veiny “affirmative”. Game One brought us shear dominance by Philadelphia’s Cliff Lee [...]