No Astroglide

With the absolute class that Ladanian Tomlinson exudes on and off the field-possibly the classiest player in the NFL-its damn hard to make fun of LT.  But not even a class act and model citizen is safe from the wrath of NOTESPN.  All I will say is, because he is so damn likable, one can [...]

Agent 0 $ ????

Embattled Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas pled guilty Friday to felony gun possession.  Arenas was originally cited for the locker room incident with teammate Javaris Crittenden, where both player allegedly pointed guns at each other.  Arenas has since tried to chalk all 4 guns he had in the locker room and the entire incident up [...]

Lame Kiffin

A little after 5:30 pm on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010, Lane Kiffin took the podium in Heritage Hall and spoke into the mic, his first press conference as head coach of the University of Southern California.  “To be here today, I’m extremely fortunate”.  That’s the understatement of the f#@&ing century, and we’re only 10 years [...]

Playoff Preview

UPDATE 1-16 Divisional Playoffs 2-2 Last week, which isn’t very exciting.  Winning 3 out of 4 this week will give us some more credibility. Arizona +7.5 vs. New Orleans Despite the atrocity that has been Arizona’s defense lately, the defense ended up winning it for them last week.  New Orleans barely beat some truly awful [...]

2010 Bowl Predictions part 2

Wow.  With all the success I’ve had picking games all year (admittedly more so in pro than college), the bowl season has not been kind to me.  Call it my love for the Pac 10 betraying me, or just that I may have smoked too much crack that day.  Actually, a lot of the underdogs [...]

Bowl Chicken Sh!t

Every year it seems, the BCS is on the verge of a major controversy that would push for a playoff.  And every year, somehow, the questions that develop after the season ends somehow fall on deaf ears.  But this year, a scenario developed that couldn’t be ignored, or so we thought.  This year, a “BCS [...]

Tip of the Iceberg

The shock value is over, at least for now. Short of video footage coming out of Tiger Woods dressed as the Gimp from Pulp Fiction and Rush Limbaugh playing the role of Zed, most of us are now just numb to the philandering charges. The bigger question is how many other athletes are on pins [...]

College Bowl Predictions Part 1

College Football’s bowl season kicks off tomorrow.  I’ve supplied my prediction and witty commentary about who will win and why for all the bowls through the end of the year.  This is my first installment, covering the bowls from December 19th through December 31.  Then I’ll get into the ones that matter in my second [...]

Heisman Hope

Here we go again.  Yet another chance for another story of East Coast bias.  This time, it’s an award ceremony at New York City’s Downtown Athletic Club for the best college football player on the land, and while there is only 1 out of the 5 nominees playing on the East Coast, a lot of [...]

Size Matters!

More sexy time?  This time with another baseball all star?  Forget the half naked paintings Alex Rodriguez had made of himself as a centaur…this is far more erotic.  Especially when you consider the girlfriend, and what could come of it. According to AP, Cleveland Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore sent partially nude photos of himself, [...]

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