Big Mack and the Little 12



Yes, the politician Mack Brown is at it again.  But this time he is just getting started a little early.  During his weekly press conference, the politician has begun to defend his team’s weak offensive play against a battered OU club.  He called it a defensive slugfest.  This a term used by ESPN, and the conference they have a man crush on, the SEC, when two horrible offensive teams square up and play to a 6-3 outcome.  I have seen soccer matches that are more exciting than some of these so called “defensive slugfests”.
It has become apparent that the Big 12 Conference is vastly overrated.  Mack is not liking this one bit, but how can he argue when one carefully examines their scheduling of non conference teams (or shall we say shark chum)?  Texas had brought in a few consultants on how to beat the BCS System after being left out of last year’s title game.  Their obvious solution was to schedule weak opponents and let the conference slate carry them to the finish line.
This looked to be a great tactic until the conference took a face plant.  Conference apologists will say, “The Big 12 is 33-13 in the conference games.  We also beat teams like Georgia and Wake Forest.”    True, but let’s look a little deeper.  33 of these wins came against teams like Northwestern State, Kent State, New Mexico, UAB, Northern Colorado, Duke just to name a few.  Now, let’s look at the losses.
-OU lost to BYU and Miami (I actually applaud OU for scheduling these teams)
-Texas A&M lost to Arkansas
-Texas Tech AND Okie State lost to Houston (Damn that school who owns the Big 12 this year)
-Kansas St lost to UCLA
-Colorado lost to W. Virginia, Colorado State and Toledo
-Nebraska lost to Viginia Tech
See the trend here?  Against good opponents (and some not so good), the Little 12 has looked feeble.  Texas also is not helping its cause playing teams like Louisiana Monroe, Wyoming and UTEP.   So quit your crying Mack, and don’t schedule cannon fodder while trying to rely on your conference’s reputation.  You were looking for a repeat of the Big 12 hype last year but your dice just crapped out.  So, if you lose a game and get left out again, just turnaround, and thank those BCS consultants you hired.

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