Bowl Chicken Sh!t


Every year it seems, the BCS is on the verge of a major controversy that would push for a playoff.  And every year, somehow, the questions that develop after the season ends somehow fall on deaf ears.  But this year, a scenario developed that couldn’t be ignored, or so we thought.  This year, a “BCS BUST” scenario has never been more prevalent, but the BCS selection committee chose the chicken sh!t way out.

Case in point: pairing Boise State and TCU in the Fiesta Bowl.

Going into the 2009-2010 Bowl season we had 4 undefeated teams, something the system has never had.  The argument has always been that schools from historically “weaker” conferences couldn’t play with the big boys in the power conferences.  But that argument has been drilled like a Paris Hilton on a night out in recent years.
Just three years ago, Boise State put all the critics complaints to rest, taking out Oklahoma in-maybe not so arguably-the most exciting college football game in history. The dramatic 43-42 overtime victory culminated with Boise State’s Statue of Liberty 2- point conversion was seen on prime time national television.  And let’s not forget, Oklahoma was a 2 loss team that year, with one of them being to Oregon on a call that was pure robbery.  The game was stolen from Oklahoma like the innocence of a child by Gary Glitter. If not for that horrible call, Oklahoma would have been playing for the national title, and Boise State beat them.

And last year, undefeated Utah squared off against #3 Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  The SEC is perennially thought to be the toughest conference in the country year after year, and the Mountain West shouldn’t have been able to compete.  Utah not only competed, but dominated from the outset and finished the year undefeated and with a #2 rankingAfter working over the SEC #2, we all wanted to see them square off against the BCS champion and SEC #1 Florida.  What we were left with was the only undefeated team finishing the season ranked second, and an ass load of questions.
So now here we are, with 2 undefeated schools ready to play the big boys, and prove once and for all that a playoff system is necessary.  The problem is, the big boys don’t want to play them, and the BCS selection committee didn’t want to put their power conferences in a position to be beaten.  The BCS had a chance to redeem themselves, or at least practice what they preach, and instead went and hid like cowards.

We can sit here and speculate that, although Georgia Tech had a very nice year, but TCU would very likely beat them, but now we’ll never know.  And what would happen if Boise State were to face Iowa?  If you are going to put the Big Ten #2 in a BCS game, that’s  nothing.  Boise State already proved they could beat the Big 12 #1 two years ago. Given these scenarios, there would be 3 undefeated teams including the BCS title game winner.  If Cincinnati were to upset Florida, that would have given us 4 unbeaten teams at year’s end, all but demanding a new system be implemented.

At the very least, a “Plus 1” scenario would be some sort of improvement, but don’t count on the BCS to revamp any time soon.  BCS conferences have perennial toilet teams like Duke, Syracuse, Indiana, and Vanderbilt raking in 3 times as much money as TCU and Boise State. The WAC and Mountain West Champions put it all on the line and succeed every year, including beating the best conference and teams in bowls, but can’t get paid because the conference is apparently not good enough.  So don’t expect the BCS conferences to all of a sudden go for a playoff, even though it’s clear that it would be fairer.

Just like organized crime (and the case can be made that’s exactly what the BCS is) its all about money.

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