Bud Adams: Stayin’ Classy

Hey You Kids!  Get Off My Lawn!

Hey You Kids! Get Off My Lawn!

Sunday started out great for Tennessee Titan’s owner Bud Adams.  Breakfast with the commissioner, then on to the game, where his Tennessee Titans whooped the Buffalo Bills, 41-17.  However, old Bud got a little carried away toward the end of the game, and proceeded to let the fans from upstate New York know just we he thought of them, and their team.  Adams stood up, and proudly displayed his long, bony middle fingers to the crowd (including several gyrating gestures and the “Double F-U”) 5 times. Sunday’s classless display didn’t go unnoticed:  Commissioner Roger Goodell fined Adams $250,000 for his activities.

And you thought Zombieland was just a movie

And you thought Zombieland was just a movie

As people journey into their Golden years, many times dementia sets in.  This is usually accompanied by a regression to childlike behavior.  We’re not sure if indeed, Adams is having one of these spells, but it may be cause for mild concern…amongst those that count themselves as giving a sh$t.

The other side of the argument is that Bud Adams is just a good old fashioned American bad ass, who doesn’t give a F$%& what anyone thinks.  This argument would seem to have some weight as well, when you consider he had breakfast with Goodell that morning, and actually watched the game with Goodell in the suite where he let his birds fly later on (Goodell had vacated the suite by that time, but was still I the viewing areas of the stadium below).  Adams displayed the ultimate “get off my lawn you a$$hole kids” approach, every bit the cantankerous old fart you love to hate.

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But isn’t the fine a little excessive?  Goodell, since taking over for Paul Tagliabue, has made it clear he will make examples out of anyone perceived to desecrate the integrity of the league.  Ask Mike Vick and Pacman Jones.  Vick was only hit with a $10,000 fine for the same gesture to fans.  Perhaps the gesture is proportionately based on a scale of the offender’s wealth, considring there is no doubt Adams can afford it.  But before we’re quick to BBQ the old man, lets just remember that if any of us were fined in a similar fashion for the same gesture, we probably would owe several million after a few hours.

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