C.ap’n C.runch??? Comin’ Correct…

We’ve all heard the jokes.  Corporal Carbohydrate.  Colonel Cheeseburger.  But come on CC, this has to be a joke.  The main staple of your diet was honestly Captain Crunch? For real? Born Carsten Charles, and listed at 290 pounds, it has been widely speculated that Sababthia was pushing the 320 pound mark.  Sabathia showed up [...]

NOT Wells Done

The illusion continues in Orange County,  California.  Desperate to appease the barbarians at the gate, anxious to quell the revolt of Angel fans who have half a brain and won’t fall for the BS the front office keeps trying to shovel down their gullet, hoping to disguise the fact that this was not a 3rd [...]


If you listened to the Angels-Vernon Wells press conference on the radio like I did, you may have set a record for shaking your head back and forth.  You may also have winced at the spin, rivaling that of a propaganda campaign during 1930’s Berlin.  In a cryptic quote that may foreshadow the Angels’ dark [...]

Fallen Angels

I woke up Thursday morning, December 9th.  This morning, though…I woke up to a nightmare.  Sadly, it was a nightmare that I knew would come to fruition. Carl Crawford just signed a few hours ago with the Boston Red Sox, a move that solidifies them as the best team in the league, having acquired 2 all stars [...]

Size Matters!

More sexy time?  This time with another baseball all star?  Forget the half naked paintings Alex Rodriguez had made of himself as a centaur…this is far more erotic.  Especially when you consider the girlfriend, and what could come of it. According to AP, Cleveland Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore sent partially nude photos of himself, [...]

Say It Aint Sosa!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen…Presenting: Liza Minnelli!!! Yes, she has gotten her enormous arse out of the wheel chair and made an appearance at the Washed Up Broadway Star Awards. Just Kidding.  That’s former-sure-fire-hall-of-famer-before-he-did-steroids, Sammy Sosa, making an appearance at the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year Celebration in Las Vegas on November 4th.  When questioned [...]

FALL CLASSIC? Our re-cap might be more entertaining

The stage was set….like many northeast bar fights of the past between two unreasonable and obnoxious fans….Philadelphia vs. New York…..Phillies vs. Yankees.  The wet dream for FOX had materialized. Would the matchup live up to its billing?  I give you a big, giant, veiny “affirmative”. Game One brought us shear dominance by Philadelphia’s Cliff Lee [...]

Winner Take All

The two mightiest teams left square off in the World Series Wednesday night.  Here are 2 predictions from our writers Vance Long and Dr. Kevin Creagh.  Feel free to come see them at the Giggle Castle in Sioux City, Iowa on November 19th. Dr. Kevin Creagh Says: Two juggernauts are slamming into each other this [...]

Red October II: Euphoria and Anguish

We all love October.  College Football and the NFL are in full swing, the NHL and NBA both open their seasons, and baseball has their playoffs and World Series. The steady constant of winning and losing during the regular season is exponentially amplified, now ranging from total euphoria to devestating heartbreak. This, as sports fans, [...]

Championship Series Predictions

Phillies vs. Dodgers Attempting to avenge last year’s loss in 5 games, the Dodgers once again meet up with the Phillies in the NLCS.  This time, however, things may be different. After dominating and dumping the St. Louis Cardinals, widely considered by many experts to breeze through the National League playoffs, the Dodgers seem to [...]

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