Colin Campbell Goes Duck Hunting

The Ducks have their work cut out for them. Facing the best defensive team in the playoffs, led by 6 foot 5 goalie and Vezna trophy finalist Pekka Rinne, and the best defensemen in the game in Shea Weber is a daunting task.  The Ducks have to scrap for every stingy scoring opportunity.  But when [...]


So I’m watching the Super Bowl at this great new bar.  Yeah, I’m a bit biased because a good friend owns it, but aside from the hot women that go in there, it is even more keen for the fact that movie star Shia LaBeouf, who sits at the head table of high council of [...]


If you listened to the Angels-Vernon Wells press conference on the radio like I did, you may have set a record for shaking your head back and forth.  You may also have winced at the spin, rivaling that of a propaganda campaign during 1930’s Berlin.  In a cryptic quote that may foreshadow the Angels’ dark [...]

Fallen Angels

I woke up Thursday morning, December 9th.  This morning, though…I woke up to a nightmare.  Sadly, it was a nightmare that I knew would come to fruition. Carl Crawford just signed a few hours ago with the Boston Red Sox, a move that solidifies them as the best team in the league, having acquired 2 all stars [...]

The Clock Strikes Horny

Thursday, March 4th, Ben Rothlisberger, resident man about town, was at it again.  This time, in a small town in Georgia, Rothlisberger got his club on.  The problem is, he’s being accused of forcing his club on someone else. Rothlisberger has retained high powered legal council to defend him in allegations by a 20 year [...]

Tip of the Iceberg

The shock value is over, at least for now. Short of video footage coming out of Tiger Woods dressed as the Gimp from Pulp Fiction and Rush Limbaugh playing the role of Zed, most of us are now just numb to the philandering charges. The bigger question is how many other athletes are on pins [...]

A Different Approach…

With the exhaustive coverage of what is easily the most compelling story in sports this year, we searched for a different approach (pun intended) on this story.  Staff writer Dr. Kevin Creagh was able to meet with someone who’s perspective on this story, and life in general, is at the very least different… I sat [...]

TUF Enough?

In a perfect UFC Dana White World the best fighters in the world would never get injured and they would fight each other in the best of the best fights each and every month.  Now back to reality.  Everything in the UFC going wrong aside, TUF Season 10 Heavyweights has totally imploded.  Banking on Kimbo [...]

Size Matters!

More sexy time?  This time with another baseball all star?  Forget the half naked paintings Alex Rodriguez had made of himself as a centaur…this is far more erotic.  Especially when you consider the girlfriend, and what could come of it. According to AP, Cleveland Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore sent partially nude photos of himself, [...]

Chronicles of Bad Sportsmanship: Serena Williams

UPDATE:11/30 Stemming from an incident in which she threatened a lineswoman on September 12th, the International Tennis Federation Grand Slam Committee punished Serena Williams today by handing down a fine of $175,000, but can be reduced to $82,500 for good behavior on her 2 year probationary period.  This is the heaviest fine ever levied by [...]

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