One Thing We’re Thankful For…

What are we most thankful for?  It’s hard to pinpoint one thing.  But surely, one item that’s on the list is the following… Virtually every country makes it….from the mega-producing corporations like Anheuser-Busch to a guy named Bruce making it in his bathtub, we live in a world in which beer can be found on [...]

Say It Aint Sosa!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen…Presenting: Liza Minnelli!!! Yes, she has gotten her enormous arse out of the wheel chair and made an appearance at the Washed Up Broadway Star Awards. Just Kidding.  That’s former-sure-fire-hall-of-famer-before-he-did-steroids, Sammy Sosa, making an appearance at the Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year Celebration in Las Vegas on November 4th.  When questioned [...]

Dirty Blond

Unless you’ve been, well, dead, your ears and eyes have at least heard or seen exactly the performance of which I speak of.  I’ve been appalled all weekend by the slanderous reports degrading the play and character of this fine, young woman.  The “false outrage” surrounding this sickens me.  Can’t we just be honest?  Here, [...]

Nice Stick. Wanna Puck?

Sure, hockey’s popularity is no where near what it was before the lockout and after the NHL lost ESPN’s television contract.  But in many arenas around the country, fan involvement and attempt to appeal to as many people as possible is growing.  One way is with cheer leader/promo girls, glammed up, tanned, wearing really tight [...]

Our Prayers Answered…

Here at notespn, we focus on the world of sports and sports related gossip, as well as the occasional hottie.  However, with Thanksgiving fast approaching, the good people of McDonalds have given us something to be truly thankful for. After many years, its returned.  The greatest culinary invention in the history of man.  A morsel [...]

Men Behaving Badly

In a story that continues to unfold and get more creepy, now former ESPN analyst Steve Phillips has been fired by the network for his inappropriate behavior/affair with production assistant Brooke Hundley.   Hundley has also been fired by the network.  Phillips also had an affair when he was New York Mets general manager.  His wife [...]

O-Dumb part III: A Contract For Love (of Money)

This week, the loving union with a solid, well built foundation grounded in trust and years of bonding will be finalized.  No, not Charlie Weis’s endorsement deal with Hometown Buffet.  Lamar Odum and Khloe Kardashian’s wedding license will become official this week.  Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian can finally become one…we call it Lardashian. The [...]

Attention Promo Department: You’re Fired

Every day, she works in a man’s world.  Every night, she dances through the universe that is her dream.  Huh?  A Pittsburgh woman with two jobs as a welder and an exotic dancer wants to get into ballet school.  Umm, WHAT?  Just in case you weren’t aware, that is the tagline and plot from 1983’s [...]

Hockey Night Isn’t Cool

There are many of us who have seen junior and senior proms, graduation and bachelor parties, the crowning achievement of birth and even circumcision, yet still managed to remain unaware that HNIC actually refers to something other than the guy making the decisions.  Hockey Night In Canada launched its 2009-10 season this evening with a [...]

Baaaaaaaaaad Boys: There’s More Than 1 Goat In The Cardinals’ Clubhouse

After a dominating performance by Adam Wainwright, the Cardinals’ Matt Holliday choked away game 2 of the NLDS.  This type of choke has rarely been seen before, except perhaps in bondage films.  Then again, Dodger fans can only describe it as a gift.  This gift was so generous; in fact, it reminded me of the [...]

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