Angelina Jolie VS Megan Fox – Who’s Hotter?

Angelina…oh, Angelina.  We’ve loved you since your portrayal of heroine-addicted lesbian supermodel “Gia”.  We loved you ever since you and Billy Bob had each other’s blood in viles around your neck.  Your very public display of affection with one of Hollywood’s creepies projected the “I don’t give a F%&$” attitude that all men find so [...]

Rhianna or Britney?

Rhianna Need further proof that Chris Brown is one of the dumbest mother f$%&ers in the history of man?  Check out the photographic evidence.  We don’t care if she’s high maintenance or who started what, damaging this gorgeous Barbados queen sets the bar for stupidity.  Unlike other pop stars, she’s can actually sing (sorry Britney). [...]


Noureen DeWulf This Muslim Indian beauty was raised in New York City, and gives us the hankering for some vindaloo (A very hot Indian dish…see the correlation?).  Noureen can most recently be found in the comedy “The Goods” with Jeremy Piven.  When you’re not breaking a rib laughing during the film, feel free to drool [...]