No Astroglide

With the absolute class that Ladanian Tomlinson exudes on and off the field-possibly the classiest player in the NFL-its damn hard to make fun of LT.  But not even a class act and model citizen is safe from the wrath of NOTESPN.  All I will say is, because he is so damn likable, one can [...]

Bud Adams: Stayin’ Classy

Sunday started out great for Tennessee Titan’s owner Bud Adams.  Breakfast with the commissioner, then on to the game, where his Tennessee Titans whooped the Buffalo Bills, 41-17.  However, old Bud got a little carried away toward the end of the game, and proceeded to let the fans from upstate New York know just we [...]


Tom Cable is the perfect Raider.  After allegedly breaking Assistant Randy Hanson’s jaw in an argument last August, more disturbing accounts were just uncovered last week, documenting Cable’s violence towards women.   Cable’s ex wife and ex girlfriend both told ESPN about alleged abuse doled out at the hands of Cable, and they have the paperwork [...]

NFL Lines…Our Picks

UPDATE:  Hitting 65% on the season…we REALLY like some match-ups this week.  Win some money and use our picks for week 10! UPDATE: 9-4 last week.  For the year, we are about 67%, which is better than Vegas odds makeres, because we pick EVERY game with/against the spread.  Scroll to the bottom for our week [...]

Rush To Judgement

In the last several weeks, ultra-conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh appears to be ramping up his plans to make a bid to buy the NFL franchise St. Louis Rams.  This pursuit of ownership by Limbaugh wouldn’t be a big deal if it weren’t for the racist comments he has made in the past.  Aside [...]

Its All About Him

Brett Favre wants you to understand.  It’s not his fault all this retirement hullabaloo is going on.  I mean, what’s he supposed to do?  He’s always maintained if he feels he can still play, then he will play. Brett Favre wants you to feel for him. His very public emotion, going back to what was [...]

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