Championship Series Predictions

Dodgers Phillies Baseball

Phillies vs. Dodgers

Attempting to avenge last year’s loss in 5 games, the Dodgers once again meet up with the Phillies in the NLCS.  This time, however, things may be different.

After dominating and dumping the St. Louis Cardinals, widely considered by many experts to breeze through the National League playoffs, the Dodgers seem to have found their early season form, minus Manny on Steroids of course.  While we cannot imagine a pennant winning pitching staff comprised of Clayton Kershaw, Randy Wolf, and Vicente Padilla, the Dodgers already blasted through the best staff remaining in the National league in Carpenter, Wainwright, and Pinero. On paper, the staff of Cliff Lee (maybe the best trade deadline acquisition this year) J.A. Happ (although he may be moved o the bullpen for soft throwing Pedro Martinez), and last season’s post season stud Cole Hamels should be far superior.  Then again, that’s paper.  And while the Manny isn’t hitting .600 like he did last year, other players have stepped up.  Matt Kemp might be one of the 5 best young players in the league.  He can do it all: defense, speed, power, and hit for average.  The Phillies have a lot of punch in that lineup, and may have the best 1-6 in the league.  They should score minimum of 4 runs a game, but even that may not be enough to get past the Dodgers, especially with their home field advantage.

KEY:  The Bullpen

The Dodgers bullpen is far superior to the Phillies, which is the Phillies’ Achilles heel.  Any time you have two opponents where the same attribute is one’s strength and the other’s weakness, the one who has that strength should win.

Anaheim Angels Baseball


Angels vs. Yankees

The improbable story of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim-I’m just going to call them Anaheim Angels from here on out-continues against the best team in the league.  However, what’s different this time for the Angels is the fact that they exorcised the demon that was the Boston Red Sox.  And it wasn’t just who they did, it was the way they did it:  On the road in a ballpark that has been their biggest kryptonite.  Against a team that has eliminated them every time the play in the post season for the last 23 years, including 12 of their last 13 games, and against the best bullpen and closer in baseball, all with nobody on, down to and down to their final strike.

The Angels, going back to the late 90’s, are the only team in baseball with a winning record against the Yankees.  This includes the Joe Torre years of glory, where they won 3 in a row.  Based on this, and the fact that they beat Boston, the Angels feel that there’s no one they can’t beat, including the Yankees.

For the Yankees, there’s no more question about whom the best in the East, or in baseball.  The Yankees racked up 103 wins, and after spending close to half a billion dollars on free agents-that’s right, BILLION-the dividends have immediately been paid. The Yankees downfall this decade has been their lack of starting pitching, and they addressed that by going out and getting C.C. Sabathia and A.J. Burnett.  Their ability to strike guys out, not just get ground ball or fly ball outs, is critical.  Keep the Angels off the bases, and they will be rewarded.  Mark Teixeira has earned every bit of his $188 million dollar contract in the first year, and after using the Angels last year as a bargaining chip, it should be competitive.  Most importantly, Alex Rodriguez is finally coming through in the post season, something other hated and steroid filled hall of famers never did.  But now he’s not o the juice, and after missing over a month still finished in the league leaders in home runs and RBI’s upon his return.  See our article “Red October”-we predicted him to have his first great post season, and so far he’s not disappointing. The Angels bullpen has been shaky at best, and against Mariano Rivera, the Yanks definitely have the advantage.  Then again, the “experts” said that about the Angels vs. the Red Sox too.

KEY: Angels on the base paths.  If the Angels are able to get on base, distract the pitcher and go first to third, as they do better than any team, they can pull it off.  If the Yankees are able to strike guys out and keep the Angels off the bases that will go along way in securing their first pennant in 6 years.



Our proud Irish Friend and baseball nut, Mr. Reeve O’Leedus,
has offered his predictions against mine.  He should be out golfing, drinking, peeling potatoes or getting in a fight.  He may do it all in one night, but he knows baseball, and its fun to see who he picked.  If he’s right though, I have to stroke his shillelagh (sha-la-lee).

“Ahh, to be sure, Phillies pitching is not as dominant as it were last year.  Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge have fallen back to earth to the peat.
Mr. Ryan Howard went 3-for-28 with 11 strikeouts against the Dodgers this year, and Utley and Jimmy Rollins both were a wee bit under 200.  Cliff Lee will be pitching on short rest, and the lads, Ethier, Kemp have grown up.  The Dodgers bench, their left handed pitchers against their left handed line up, and Manny’s a hittin again.  And the Dodgers have home field advantage”. –Irish Reeve O’Leedus

My Prediction:  Dodgers in 7                   Irish Reeve O’Leedus: Dodgers in 6

Starting Pitching        Phillies                   Phillies
Bullpen                      Dodgers                  Dodgers
Defense                      Phillies                   Phillies
Power                         Phillies                   Phillies
Run Production          Phillies                   Dodgers
Speed                         Phillies                    Phillies
Bench                         Dodgers                  Dodgers
Manager                     Dodgers                  Dodgers
Intangibles                 Dodgers                   Dodgers

Angels vs. Yankees

Irish Reeve O’Leedus offers his picks for the ALCS. The bet on this series is I have to bath him in a bowl of Lucky Charms if I lose.  I think I’d actually do the NLCS wager twice: stroking his shillelagh (sha-la-lee).

“ Mr. Sabathia is the only dominant pitcher the Yanks be havin’, Andy Pet it (please)  is below mediocre, so the pitching advantage goes to the Angels.  The Angels also have the “Do it for Adenhart story”.  The history of the Angels beating the Yanks does a wee bit further in helping them, to be sure that’s right.  Mr. Scoscia should outcoach Mr. Girardi
But can Vlad hit?  He has to in order for them to win.  However, Mr. Teixeira and his Portuguese blood is unstoppable.  If he were Irish he’d be puttin’ Shamrock Shake all over ya.”-Irish Reeve O’Leedus

My Prediction: Yankees in 7          Irish Reeve O’Leedus: Angels in 7

Starting Pitching       Push                        Angels
Bullpen                     Yankees                  Yankees
Defense                     Angels                     Angels
Power                       Yankees                   Yankees
Run Production        Angels                      Angels
Speed                        Angels                     Angels
Bench                        Push                        Angels
Manager                    Angels                     Angels
Intangibles                Angels                     Angels

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3 Responses to “Championship Series Predictions”
  1. Not ESPN says:

    I can’t believe they started Pedro. And I can’t believe he’s pitching so well.

  2. Kevin Creagh says:

    Let’s all make ourselves aware that the Yankees actually LOWERED their payroll this year from 2008….the amount of money the Yankees spend is always a tool used for jabbing them….and I suppose it’s an issue that cannot be completely ignored. However, in general, it’s a strategy that dosen’t really work. Yes, I am a Yankee fan….but they haven’t won the world series in almost a decade….although, it’s a pretty good recipe for making the playoffs. I mean, look at the Angels….their “winning ways” are directly attributed to their major payroll bump. Free agent signings of Torii Hunter, Vlad, Juan Rivera, Gary Matthews, Jr. and Bobby Abreu are a big reason for where they are now. By the way, as a side bar, what the Angels did to Bobby Abreu is unbelievable to me. He is worth so much more money…..the Yankees paid him what he deserved…the Angels, who could afford to pay him much, much more….took advantage of the “economy” and low-balled him when they knew he had nowhere else to go. Well, as it turns out, HE is your best player. Call the Yankees all the nasty things you want, but they take care of their employees… any other business they would be considered “admirable” for their generous actions….but not in baseball…in baseball, it’s used as a tool for fans of other teams to preface their playoff series so “just in case” they lose, they can take the “they spend so much money” thing as a consolation prize. I’ve watched the Angels kick the poop out of the Yankees in the post-season numerous times lately…and all I’ll tell everyone in orange county is “Congratulations!”. I expect the same from the Angel fans if the Yankees ever do beat the Angels….we’ll have to wait and see what kind of losers they are.

  3. Kevin Creagh says:

    Greetings fellow baseball fans….I just wanted to pop on here to reveal my take on Jayson Werth. I have a few questions that I feel must be addressed immediately. I’m sure most of you know, but are we ALL privy to the fact that this guys uncle was none other than Dick Schofield? Um….huh? We all remember good ol’ Richard Craig Schofield… .230 hitter….in 14 seasons he hit a whopping 56 homeruns. In 1988, he played in 155 games, had 527 AB’s and managed to hit .239 with 6 homeruns and 34 RBI’s. I know I’m jamming stats down your throat, and I apologize…I just wanted to emphasize the fact that this guy was…well…..AWFUL. All while standing a listed 5’10″…..which c,mon, we all know was not true.
    Meanwhile, his nephew, Jayson, is listed at 6’5″ and had 36 homeruns this year alone, not to mention the hitting display so far this post-season. Dick Schofield looked like he should be revealing a power point presentation filled with pie charts and mission statements in front of a long mahogany table…..while Jayson looks exactly like the guy that sold me my last air filter at Oil Can Henry’s.
    Now, I would never be so presumptuous as to call anyone’s mom a whore, but I am definitely calling shananagans here. For Christ’s sake, Jayson once hit a “5th deck home run” at Rogers Centre in Toronto!Where are those genes coming from? The answer, my friends, is quite obvious….Jayson Werth and Dick Schofield are of no relation at all. I think we need to call Maury Povich and get this thing settled once and for all. That’s all.
    P.S. Has anyone noticed the cute ballgirl down the right field line at these Phillies games? She’s not the greatest girl ever…..but I’m just thankful that Broadway Joe isn’t there to try and make out with her.

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