Its All About Him

Loyalty? Respect? Such antiquated notions!

Loyalty? Respect? Such antiquated notions!

Brett Favre wants you to understand.  It’s not his fault all this retirement hullabaloo is going on.  I mean, what’s he supposed to do?  He’s always maintained if he feels he can still play, then he will play.

Brett Favre wants you to feel for him.
His very public emotion, going back to what was supposed to be his last game on December 31, 2006 in which his Packers got beat down in front of their home fans, has never been hard to find.  Surrounded by cameras and press, he wept openly as he told reporters “If today’s my last game, I want to remember it.  It’s tough.  It’s tough.  I’ll miss these guys, I’ll miss the game”.

So if indeed, he is the victim in all of this, why in the Holy Hell did he return to a team that is the greatest rival of his old team?  A team where he spent 16 years, and earned 3 MVP awards and a Super Bowl.  A place that is widely considered the most tight-knit football community in the country.  A state in which people name their children after him.

There are many answers, but surely one of the most obvious has to be his addiction to publicity.  His inability to leave the limelight.  When he got to Green Bay in 1992 he wanted thing his way pretty quickly.  But after 14 years in Green Bay, Favre told ESPN in January 2006, “If I had to pick right now and make a decision,” he said, “I’d say I’m not coming back.”

In the first part of this hokie-pokie, he announced he would return to the Packers for the 2006 season.  However, it didn’t take him long to stir up more controversy, by saying he could envision playing elsewhere in the future.  Which brings us back to the Dec 31 game, and public weeping on national television that really accelerated the talk of Favre’s demise and the era of Aaron Rodgers to begin. After having the entire state of Wisconsin and his team mates and management in limbo, Favre would commit to yet another season.  This season would be one of his best, leading his team to the NFC championship, and within 3 point of returning to a 3rd Super Bowl with him at the helm.

However at its culmination, Packer nation returned to Limbo.  This time, in yet another public display, Favre announced he didn’t have “anything left to give, and bawled as he “officially” retired in March 2008.  Certainly, after this back and forth for what was going on 2 years, he wouldn’t put the franchise in Jeopardy again.  A guy can’t go on television, with all the major news networks cutting away from their normal coverage and going to it lie, unless the guy really means it. I mean, he has to have some sort of credibility at some point, doesn’t he?

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Sure enough, just a few months later, Favre asked for his release from the Packers and stated publicly that he wanted to play for another organization in July of 2008.  Eventually, a deal was worked out where he was reinstated and traded to the New York Jets, where he and the organization had a lackluster season.  This prompted another retirement, which he made official in February of 2009, stating there was no way he would ever play again.

But did anyone believe it?  He reiterated in April and was adamant that he was not coming back, but we’ve all seen this movie before.  The Jets, exposed to his drama for a little over a year, happily gave Favre his unconditional release.  And guess what?  He acknowledged once again just two months later that he was “interested” in playing again, and there was only one team he wanted to play for.

Bitter Brett? Besides his apparent need to be the center of the football world, you would have to feel that Favre’s motivation is to enact some sort of vengeance on his former organization, who was tired of his holding the entire organization hostage so he could have his way.  The packers made the decision to move forward with Aaron Rodgers in 2008 (Rodgers was the ultimate in the definition of “good soldier” by the way) and Favre just couldn’t stand it.  What better way to exact revenge than to return in the uniform of the most hated rival?

Tired of this blog?  Good.  Now you know how we all feel being subjected to a guy that continues to manipulate the press and professional organizations whenever he is “feeling it” or not “feeling it”.  For God’s sake, have some grace and walk away.  And certainly, don’t return to a team that is the arch rival of the place that made you everything you are. We’ll see how he’s received November 1, when he and “his” Vikings go into Lambeau Field.

If that’s hard for you to imagine, just imagine one of the following scenarios:
-Ted Williams retired, and came back the following year and said, “I only want to go to one place, and that’s the New York Yankees.”
-Bo Schembechler retires, and says a few months later, “I still hunger for a national championship, and I feel my best shot at getting it done is in Columbus with THE Ohio State University.”
-Magic Johnson retired, and came back the following year and said “I still feel I have a little left and the only team I want to give it to s the Boston Celtics”.

That last one just made me throw up in my mouth….

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