NOT Wells Done

"The future aint bright. Why am I wearing shades?"

The illusion continues in Orange County,  California.  Desperate to appease the barbarians at the gate, anxious to quell the revolt of Angel fans who have half a brain and won’t fall for the BS the front office keeps trying to shovel down their gullet, hoping to disguise the fact that this was not a 3rd consecutive lost off season and what is to be a sure-fire disappointment and 3rd place finish yet again, the Angels traded Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera for Vernon Wells.

With the constant contradiction and empty promises from Arte Moreno and Tony Reagins, the injury woes and underachieving of a usually very talented team, the one thing that is always safe to rely on is Mike Scioscia.  Even without considering his abilities as a supreme strategist, Scioscia’s fiery passion and honest approach are something to take comfort in, when so many other things seem uncertain for Angel fans lately.  But during the press conference, Scioscia said, “We’re definitely a better club today than we were at any time last year.”  Umm…what???

So enlighten me, Mike.  How exactly are the Angels better?

The Rotation is exactly the same, except for having Dan Haren for 6 months instead of 2 months.  So you get Haren for another 4 months instead of Joe Saunders, which is at best a slight improvement, because Haren will still have his share of bad starts.  Jered Weaver won’t lead the league with 233 strike outs again, either.  And besides, the pitching wasn’t the problem.

Here’s the main course in this doo-doo sandwich.  Consider the 2010 statistics:

  • Runs- 19th
  • RBI-19th
  • OPS-23rd
  • Batting Average-23rd
  • Hits-22nd
  • On Base Percentage 27th

Angles lose:

  • Hideki Matsui         21 home runs,  84 rbi’s,  55
  • Juan Rivera             15 home runs, 52 rbi’s, 53 runs
  • Mike Napoli            26 home runs, 68 rbi’s, 60 runs

Angels Get:

Vernon Wells          31 home runs, 88 rbi’s, 79 runs

"Just hit 30 homers, and you'll save my job"

Granted, these guys were mediocre at best, but when the best you have is mediocre, that’s saying a lot.  So now the Angels replace that production with Vernon Wells, who hit a modest .271 (albeit better than the aforementioned players).  But Wells is going to be entering a division with far better pitching, and who knows how his injury riddled body will hold up.

Getting back to the production, or lack thereof, for the mathematicians, that’s a net loss of 31 home runs, 116 rbi’s, and 89 runs from a team that finished nearly last in every major statistical offensive categoryThat’s right; you took production away from a team that was already near the bottom. And for those that would say, “But now we will have a full season of Bourjos, Wood and Mathis”, slap the stupid off of yourself and consider what you just said, and heed the following:

The Angels have gaping holes at 3rd base, catcher and Centerfield.  Peter Bourjos, Brandon Wood and Jeff Mathis combined to hit .180 in 612 at bats last year. Brandon Wood is a proven bust, posting a .169 career average in 469 career at bats from 2007-2010.  Once thought so highly touted, the Angels held on to Wood for his “potential” instead of trading him for a bona fide superstar, like Roy Halladay.  In doing so, they fell victim to the same cheapness when they let Troy Glaus go for the “potential” in Dallas McPhereson.  If you don’t know who he is, he is the guy that comes to your door selling magazines to keep kids like him off the street and away from drugs (see our article, Fallen Angels)

"I see you Tony and Arte. I'll be up in a minute to drink the Kool-Aid".

So the Angels will enter the season with their best player, Kendry Morales, still not 100%, banking on a return to form from disappointing years for some of the veterans, and hoping for good years from their young players who have never provided it before.  That’s a lot of hope. Presidents even get elected on itBut hope doesn’t matter when you get in between the lines.

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2 Responses to “NOT Wells Done”
  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    You have the exact opinion of the Angels as me except you support it with indisputable statistics. Thanks for gathering the facts that reassure me that I’m not just a hater. -Bob

  2. vance says:

    Bob, you are always a great contributor. Glad you agree on this, even though we have differed on a few things before.

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