O-Dumb part II: The Search For Candy Woman



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Clearly, so is booty, and lots of  it. That is the great reward soon to be officially claimed by Lamar Odom, as he nears wedded bliss with reality TV star Khloe Kardashian. Khloe is the big sister (physically, not age wise) and certainly makes for an interesting pairing with the low-key Odom. Largely regarded (in more ways than one?) as a nice guy, Odom seems to have fallen head over heels with the youngest Kardashian, so much so that on Sunday September 27th they will make it official, after only a month of dating.

We’ve seen athletes descend into oblivion after entering into a volatile relationship with a female star (most notably Mike Tyson after he began dating Robyn Givens) and Laker fans pray that is not the case here. Although Lamar is obviously far more mentally stable than Tyson (ganja and bags of sweets tend to make one very grounded) it certainly has all the makings of, if nothing else, an “eventful” union, as Kardashian’s 2 reality shows and constant attention of the paparazzi are opposite of Odom’s off court, low-key demeanor. Content to fire up the “electric lettuce” and keep to himself, such activities will be extremely difficult to continue with Kardashian and her family, all of whom cannot and seem unwilling to stay out of the public eye.

Speaking of the public eye, one thing that has plagued the Kardashian family is the controversial goings on surrounding the family. From Khloe’s DUI, to the televised “spoiled-rich-girl” fights between sisters, to Sister Kim’s sex tape with wanna-be- star Ray J, the Kardashians are not exactly the Brady Bunch. But some people (Let’s hear it for the depraved!) are hopeful that Khloe follow in her sister Kim’s footsteps, and make a sex tape. However, unlike the cinematic achievement created by the much smaller Kim and Ray J, this would be the gargantuan version of recorded Kardashian coitus. So if it happens, here’s to some big lovin’, Lamar. In fact, as long as you keep producing on the court, Laker fans don’t care whatever you produce off of it. Some might even encourage it.

Feel free to post your favorite Khloe-Lamar sex tape title below, of course complete with a candy reference…

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5 Responses to “O-Dumb part II: The Search For Candy Woman”
  1. Here are some good names for the Khloe and Lamar sex tape:

    Beauty (Lamar) & the Beast (Kardashian)

    When Erkel met HOLY S%&# WHAT THE F#$% IS THAT!?!?!?

    My Lover Makes for a Better Floating Device than Yours

    One Nite in Odom

    The Crying Game (Don’t ruin the ending for someone who hasn’t seen it)

    Feed Me then Eat Me

    Cattle Call

    Dumb and Dumber (She plays the Dog shaped van, and well, you figure out the rest)

    Cow Tipping

  2. Mike Gutz says:

    Nice. Love the website and Article.
    I vote for one nite in Odom

  3. Oliver says:

    Good stuff! Very entertaining and very true.. Keep em coming!

  4. Steve Aredas says:

    As a Laker fan and someone who doesnt care about Lamar’ personal life… unless it effects his on court play You have to wonder if Lamar can stay focused with all the distractions this year? Will the attention seeking Kardshians take away from his practice time? Will Artest (another attention seeker) contribute to the team becoming less focused? Not if the Black Mamba has a say!

  5. Kevin Creagh says:

    Cow Tipping :)

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