O-Dumb part III: A Contract For Love (of Money)

The Electric Adventures of Cushman and Frankenhooker

The Electric Adventures of Cushman and Frankenhooker

This week, the loving union with a solid, well built foundation grounded in trust and years of bonding will be finalized.  No, not Charlie Weis’s endorsement deal with Hometown Buffet.  Lamar Odum and Khloe Kardashian’s wedding license will become official this week.  Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian can finally become one…we call it Lardashian.

The delightful details of their gala wedding have been widely published, and conversely the details of their prenuptial agreement have been kept on the down low. However, TMZ is reporting that it was just signed yesterday, and they have uncovered three major details. (1) Lamar’s recently signed contract of 4 years and $33 million is untouchable (A deal in which he lost almost $2million a year, see our story under the “Hoops” tab, “O-Dumb”).  However, Khloe has found a way to circumvent that, with (2) Lamar having to fund a stable amount in a joint account. So this money from his contract, or at least some of it, will no doubt find its way into Khloe’s paws.

In addition, (3) Lamar is also to purchase a large, luxurious home.

But where she really puts his ballz in her Louis Vuitton is if the two split.

Radaronline has reported that in case of the pair partying ways, Khloe demanded,a flat sum of almost 500,000 dollars for every year they were married; 25,000 dollars per month in general support; their new luxurious house and a new luxury car at the end of every lease cycle; 5000 dollars a month for shopping; 1000 dollars for beauty care and courtside Lakers tickets for the Kardashian family.

Its always awesome to ask for seats where you can sit for 3 hours, at least 41 times a year, merely feet away from your ex-spouse.  What a perfectly healthy request by Khloe, if a divorce were to take place.

Possible thought of Lamar Odom: "What the Hell did I just do?"

Possible thought of Lamar Odom: "What the Hell did I just do?"

However, unconfirmed reports suggest the numbers, in the event of the divorce, may be off.  Stay tuned for updates (However TMZ, as usual, appears to have the sources and be right on the money with their story).

Guess you better not be screwing around like some of your teammates do on the road (checking into the team hotel under a false name and having your road hooker in there), ALLEGEDLY.

With a very wealthy family, 2 successful reality shows, and paid appearances, it wouldn’t seem she would need all this extra monetary compensation.  I mean, considering they knew each other almost a whole month before tyeing the knot.  I think Kanye said it best in his song Golddigger.  If the title doesn’t give it away, google the lyrics.

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4 Responses to “O-Dumb part III: A Contract For Love (of Money)”
  1. rneckien says:

    She is a beast!! She looks like Chyna from the WWE. I dont feel sorry for LAME-ar he has to know what he is signing up for. She better not go YOKO on the Lakers and break them up. Im expecting another championship!

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    Chyna! Damn! You beat me to it! I went straight for the comment area so that I could point that out.

  3. Kevin Creagh says:

    I’m speechless. I think we can all put away our crystal balls…is there anyone that dosen’t see exactly where this is going? Criminy!! Lamar must have some great friends and family….his “circle” is deplorable to let him agree to such an obvious “prison bitch” agreement. He’d be better off pulling a “Paul McCartney” and going with no pre-nup at all. Floor seats in the event of a divorce???? Huh? Oh, well that won’t be effecting his play in any way. I, personally, am an advocate of prenuptual agreements….but isn’t the whole idea to PROTECT you? And no weight clause? This chick is gonna be pushing two bills in no time…if not already. In many cases like this, it is best to take a “wait and see” approach…..however, this one is just way too awful…..it’s so awful, it’s awesome. Our only plan of action should merely be to sit back, grab a frosty filled mug, and document possibly the most obvious “I told you so” in history. If I were a dog, I’d be tilting my head toward the side right now….this guy has the brainsize of a brontosaurus…this guy would lose to an 84-year-old Ronald Reagan in celebrity Jeopardy…..this guy is Phil Mickelson in the ’06 US Open….this guy is Lamar Odom. Grab a seat, folks.

  4. Oliver Chamberlain says:

    LMAO! That look on LO’s face says it all. In fact, her’s too! They must have taken that pic right after he looked over that prenup!