Size Matters!


More sexy time?  This time with another baseball all star?  Forget the half naked paintings Alex Rodriguez had made of himself as a centaur…this is far more erotic.  Especially when you consider the girlfriend, and what could come of it.

According to AP, Cleveland Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore sent partially nude photos of himself, taken with his own cell phone in front of a mirror, to his girlfriend, former playboy Playmate Brittany Binger.  Apparently, someone stole the photos off the email and posted them on the internet, where they have spread faster than a scorching case of herpes.

The next contestant in our poll

The next contestant in our poll

The Cleveland plain dealer is reporting that MLB has contacted these sites, issuing cease and desist letters to remove the photos.

We haven’t had this brand of controversy in a few weeks, since it went public that former Ms. California Carrie Prejean went “hand-solo” on her own sex tape, which she sent to her boyfriend.

For the thoroughly depraved, which surely includes us, one can only imagine where we can go from here.  Maybe adult film producer Miles Long will contact both Sizemore and Prejean about starring in a video with each other, which surely would be the highest grossing recorded coitus since Lardashian’s sister got plowed by that version of a poor man’s R. Kelly, minus the urination. The mind wanders with ideas of what the title of the next film could be.

I have come up with these two so far.  “More Size in her Pre-Jeans”, and “The Size of Prejean”.

"The Gays?  Please.  Ask me about the DP!"

"The Gays? Please. Ask me about the DP!"

Please.  That’s okay.  Really…hold your applause.  You’re too kind.

But we invite you to leave your ideas for the movie title below.

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9 Responses to “Size Matters!”
  1. Silent Assassin says:

    “One SIZE fits all”
    “We love a tight fit JEAN”
    “SIZEMORE matters when you are slipping into a PREJEAN”


  2. Juan Escalante says:

    All through this past baseball season, a montage of Grady Sizemore’s childhood was featured in a commercial for something…..some bull about how his dad played catch with him all the time. That’s just great….my dad played catch with me, too……sort of. He would throw rocks at me and I would try to prevent them from hitting my face. Does that count? Anyway, the title of the next movie should be, “Stop throwing rocks at me, daddy….it hurts.” Or if you are looking for a pun….um….how about “CircumSIZE me!”

  3. Juan Escalante says:

    Oh, and by the way, I’ve always loved the keen insight of director Miles Long. Been a huge fan for years. My two favorite films of his are, “I’ve Got Your Duvet Right Here” starring Ed “HUGE” Williams….and “Bed in a Bag” starring the great Lasonya.

  4. Jesus Ross says:

    Carrie Prejean deserves to have her crown. She is beauiful and is also entitled to her own opinion about gays. ~-

  5. I’ve seen Carrie Prejean in person and i would have to say that she is just average looking~~~

  6. Lucas Watson says:

    Carrie Prejean is quite pretty and i have a big crush on her too*’”

  7. i would have to agree that Carrie Prejean has a great body but her face is not that pretty at all,:-

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