Championship Series Predictions

Phillies vs. Dodgers Attempting to avenge last year’s loss in 5 games, the Dodgers once again meet up with the Phillies in the NLCS.  This time, however, things may be different. After dominating and dumping the St. Louis Cardinals, widely considered by many experts to breeze through the National League playoffs, the Dodgers seem to [...]

Baaaaaaaaaad Boys: There’s More Than 1 Goat In The Cardinals’ Clubhouse

After a dominating performance by Adam Wainwright, the Cardinals’ Matt Holliday choked away game 2 of the NLDS.  This type of choke has rarely been seen before, except perhaps in bondage films.  Then again, Dodger fans can only describe it as a gift.  This gift was so generous; in fact, it reminded me of the [...]

Red October

Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees With the Yankees firmly owning the best record in baseball, they elected to have recently crowned AL Central Champion Minnesota Twins take a late night flight to New York, hoping to capitalize on their fatigue.  It’s going to work.  Without Justin Morneau, their best power hitter and operating on [...]

Is This Time Different?

Say what you want about the Angels.  The fact that they continue to make the playoffs year after year is a testimony to how solid their organization is.  However, they have only been to the ALCS twice during that time.  In fact, three times this decade, they have been eliminated in the playoffs by the [...]

Manny Would?