Not So Slick, Rick

After so many years of underachieving, it certainly couldn’t get any worse, right?  So when UCLA brought in alumni and supposed offensive genius Rick Neuheisel in 2008, and contracted the most respected offensive mind in the college game in the last 10 years in Norm Chow to be offensive coordinator, UCLA was certain to rebound. [...]

2010 Bowl Predictions part 2

Wow.  With all the success I’ve had picking games all year (admittedly more so in pro than college), the bowl season has not been kind to me.  Call it my love for the Pac 10 betraying me, or just that I may have smoked too much crack that day.  Actually, a lot of the underdogs [...]

Bowl Chicken Sh!t

Every year it seems, the BCS is on the verge of a major controversy that would push for a playoff.  And every year, somehow, the questions that develop after the season ends somehow fall on deaf ears.  But this year, a scenario developed that couldn’t be ignored, or so we thought.  This year, a “BCS [...]

College Bowl Predictions Part 1

College Football’s bowl season kicks off tomorrow.  I’ve supplied my prediction and witty commentary about who will win and why for all the bowls through the end of the year.  This is my first installment, covering the bowls from December 19th through December 31.  Then I’ll get into the ones that matter in my second [...]

Heisman Hope

Here we go again.  Yet another chance for another story of East Coast bias.  This time, it’s an award ceremony at New York City’s Downtown Athletic Club for the best college football player on the land, and while there is only 1 out of the 5 nominees playing on the East Coast, a lot of [...]

Hook, Line, and Stinker part deux: Coach Quest

Ever since the Connecticut debacle, and some would say the Navy debacle, Charlie Weis was pulled to the side of the boat, and it was only a matter of time before the gaff hook impaled the big tuna.  Unlike Bob Davie and Ty Willingham’s demise, Weis’s arrogance makes his downfall that much more interesting, and [...]

When The Mighty Fall

Eventually, it’s got to come to an end.  When it does, the fans, players, and everyone who declare their allegiance to whatever power that falls, should acknowledge their greatness, and say thank you. But making excuses, deflecting commentary about what really happened, and trying to make the rest of the viewing population take part in [...]

Hook, Line, and Stinker

Toro!  That’s the fatty part of the tuna, and considered a delicacy.  But Big Tuna Charlie Weis looks more like a week old California roll than a delicacy, at least as far as his performance is concerned. In 2004, the university gave him a 10 year contract extension just halfway through his first year with [...]

Big Mack and the Little 12

Yes, the politician Mack Brown is at it again.  But this time he is just getting started a little early.  During his weekly press conference, the politician has begun to defend his team’s weak offensive play against a battered OU club.  He called it a defensive slugfest.  This a term used by ESPN, and the [...]

“Your Ego’s Writing Checks Your Body Can’t Cash”

Lane Kiffin obviously hasn’t read the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.  A son of a highly respected and long tenured defensive coach Monte Kiffin, Lane is largely thought of as being handed the greatest coaching gigs at a young age without ever having to prove himself, just because he is Monte’s son.  [...]

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