TUF Enough?


In a perfect UFC Dana White World the best fighters in the world would never get injured and they would fight each other in the best of the best fights each and every month.  Now back to reality.  Everything in the UFC going wrong aside, TUF Season 10 Heavyweights has totally imploded.  Banking on Kimbo Slice and a heated matchup between coaches Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson to battle it out in the finale has pretty much come up short.  Watching the episodes this season and the buildup of Rashad and Rampage is just so deflating, since the majority of us found out that this fight was not going to happen months ago.  Rampage is more worried about playing Mr. T in the latest release of The A Team.
So let’s talk about Kimbo Slice (See our original article “The Ulimate Fraud?”).  The Brawler/Badass whose only entrance into the UFC was supposed to be through winning the Ultimate Fighter reality show.  But now, through multiple chances/excuses to continue to “sell” him to a fan base that continues to grow disenfranchised, he only has to be on the show and be half-way charismatic to now get a UFC contract, something White had all but promised wouldn’t happen. So far, since Slice has been on the show, he showed his lighter side so I guess he has fulfilled his requirements.  That fulfillment has landed him a spot in the TUF Finale this Saturday against the once dark horse badass Houston Alexander.  Now it’s clear something stinks worse than Slice’s jock strap about TUF.  There is nothing about this show anymore that says you need to win to become the next UFC phenom.

Kimbo was pinned to the ground by beer-bellied Roy Nelson and lost and now he has a shot against a one time up-and-comer in the UFC, Houston Alexander? Come on Dana!!! Keep in mind Houston Alexander was once a big-time- hyped, fast-handed brawler that was a couple you tube videos and a beard away from being UFC’s version of Kimbo 2 years ago. That was until Houston decided he should start using his Arlovski-esque jaw to block all his punches for him. Now he’s back and he’s going to take on Kimbo Slice in this Saturday’s TUF Finale. Good Luck Dana and  Kimbo, because you’re gonna need it. UFC’s next TUF season?????? Dana White by be looking to change it to the American Idol Format to make it more interesting. Ryan and Simon… get ready.

"If I'm being honest, that Rear Naked Choke Was HORRIBLE!"

"If I'm being honest, that Rear Naked Choke Was HORRIBLE!"

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