When The Mighty Fall


Eventually, it’s got to come to an end.  When it does, the fans, players, and everyone who declare their allegiance to whatever power that falls, should acknowledge their greatness, and say thank you. But making excuses, deflecting commentary about what really happened, and trying to make the rest of the viewing population take part in a game of semantics is perhaps more embarrassing than the loss itself.

Case in point:  USC’s dismissal from BCS and Pac-10 championship consideration after their second embarrassing conference loss in 3 games.  This time, at the hands of perennial loser, but now much improved Stanford.

Stanford pummeled USC 55-21 in front of their home fans at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on November 14th.  After escaping with a win over lowly Arizona State the week before, Trojan fans instant recall of a 48-20 onslaught at the hands of Oregon 2 weeks ago was ever present.  In the last 2 weeks USC tallied won unimpressive victory by hanging on against a weak team, and the other 2 games resembled a whore waiting for the ship to dock at the harbor, as she anxiously waited to get owned in the ass by about 10 sailors when the ship disembarked.
Perhaps more telling than the embarrassing losses is some of their wins.
Vegas had the Trojans a 44 point favorite in week 4 against one of the worst teams in college football in Washington State.  After putting up a 20 spot in the first quarter, the game was virtually even the rest of the way, with the Trojans outscoring the lowly Cougars 7-6 over the final 3 quarters.  By the way, the Cougars are 87th nationally in total defense. In week 9, they held on against the sorry Sun Devils of Arizona State, in which they eeked out a 5 point victory and managed only 1 offensive touchdown against the 117th ranked defense in the country.

It’s so funny how USC fans are attempting to deflect their punishment.  Then there’s all the excuses of the injuries and that they are starting freshman quarterback.  Guess what?  It’s not anyone else’s fault that a true freshman is the best you have at the position.  And the true freshman didn’t allow 613 yards to Oregon and 469 yards to Stanford in a 2 week period. Many people are trying to spew nonsense such as Harbaugh going for two late in the game ruined a great victory for Stanford.  “Now all anyone remembers is that they went for 2 when the game was well in hand”, I’ve heard SC apologists cry.

Wrong.  They remember your team getting pounded like a hooker that needs to pay her rent in 2 days.
YouTube Preview Image
And that mentality sure didn’t stop USC from hanging 56 on San Jose State in the first game of the year.  And what about last year’s 52-7 route of Virginia?  The last play of the game was a touchdown pass by USC.  If that’s not running up the score, I don’t know what isAnd in his post game analysis of their 21 point victory against Washington State in week 4, Carroll stated, “It was just not the satisfying kind of win that we like to have.”  That statement alone sounds like Pete wanted the margin of victory to be a lot more than 21.
So before all their fans get butt-hurt over their slaughter, they should take a long hard look into the mirror of the recent past.    Then, they should acknowledge their lack luster performance, and the fact that they took it on the chin like Jenna Jamison used to do (not any more though, for she has 2 children and is a happy mommy.  America…what a country) and accept the fact that they are a far cry from recent years.  So adept at telling fallen foes of the recent past not to make excuses, SC fans should really take their own advice.

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4 Responses to “When The Mighty Fall”
  1. Daniel Padilla says:

    The media and college football touted SC as a BCS contender. I didnt think SC was as good as a team than in recent years. They have a freshman QB and 7 other new staters on offense and all the linebackers are first year starters. It seems like all the “hATERS” of SC are making this more than it is. Furthermore Pete Carroll was pissed for the play by Haurbaugh. Yes he was but that the fire he has for winning. Im sure it would have been the same result if Pete did to to Stanford. AQll great couches have that. Haurbaugh ids a good coach and Stanford is doing a great job and Carroll has aknowledge that. All the SC enemies are like ravenous dogs rite now because SC has lost 3 games this year. they are mostly UCLA and ND fans. Thier teams suck ass rite now. They wish they only lost 3 games. Envy is a ugly trait.

  2. Juan Escalante says:

    At some point, the top dog will tire and be surpassed by a new dog with a more shiny coat. Much like my cousin Luis. He was the best ceramic vase maker in my hometown for years….until a no good girl by the name of Rosa came along and dazzled all the towns people with her work. She stole all of his thunder…and he was forced to leave town and move to Tuscon. Last I heard he was living in a van behind a Pier 1 Imports. As for me, I broke 17 of her vases and have since been keeping a low profile down here in San Salvador…..just til this whole thing blows over. Speaking of blowing over, I had a great time last night with a local necklace maker….she gave me a necklace…and I, well…..you know. Let’s just say there was an “exchange”. I should go.

  3. Caps King says:

    I love the Harbaugh decision to go for 2. Wasn’t it in 2004 against ND when the trOJans were up by 24 points with 7 minutes left that he called a fake punt, and then put the “ballroom dancer” back in the game to throw a touchdown…. Cheat Carrol is getting what he deserves. He’s just upset that his mighty trOJans aren’t on top anymore. Maybe it’s time to go back to the NFL where you can’t get busted for recruiting violations…….

  4. Bob Loblaw says:

    Love the vitriol for the Trojans! That irrational hate is confirmation that they are one of the 2-3 best teams of this decade. Injuries, the draft. Like it or not haters. They are real influences. Had Mark Sanchez not got a big head after the Rose Bowl game last year, he’d be the QB this year and they’d be able to play through the UNDENIABLE fact that somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 players from last years defense are now in the pros. That is a legitimate excuse for the poor play by the defense. Anyone that has been paying attention the past 8 years knows that Pete Carrol builds a defense while he has a proven QB, then when the QB leaves and he has to start over on offense, he has a solid D ready to hold down the fort until the QB arrives. This should have been the defense rebuild year with Sanchez outscoring the the other team. Instead, Sanchez got greedy and forced Pete to rebuild on BOTH SIDES of the ball in the same year.

    No haters, don’t put all your eggs in the basket formed by this lame article. The Trojans will remain at the top as long as “clean” Pete is around. The real question is whether or not Oregon and Stanford can lose integral pieces to their puzzle and continue to remain relevant in the process. I think NOT!!!

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